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SnuffleMaster - Interactive Treat Game

SnuffleMaster - Interactive Treat Game

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The Ultimate Snuffle Ball Toy for Endless Entertainment!


🐶 Elevate your dog's playtime to a whole new level with our captivating Snuffle Ball – the ultimate sensory adventure for your furry companion! 🐶

🐾 Crafted from the perfect blend of plush fleece and durable TPR rubber, our Snuffle Ball is a masterpiece of canine delight. Soft to the touch and incredibly lightweight, it's a joy to interact with and can be conveniently machine washed, keeping it fresh and ready for endless play sessions.

🐶 Unleash your dog's inner detective as they delve into the enticing world of sniffing and foraging. Simply tuck tantalizing treats inside the cleverly designed fabric strips, then roll them up snugly and secure them within the ball's tantalizing core. Watch the magic unfold as your pet eagerly takes on the challenge of unraveling the puzzle to savor their rewards!

🐾 Say goodbye to restlessness and separation anxiety – our Snuffle Ball is a true lifesaver for dogs yearning for engagement and mental stimulation. No more torn-up cushions or bored barking. This innovative toy promises to be your four-legged friend's ultimate source of joy and focus, enhancing their cognitive abilities while bringing hours of entertainment.

🐶 Tailored for the canines who adore nose-work and crave a captivating playtime, our Snuffle Ball stands as an exceptional addition to your pup's toy repertoire. Ignite their curiosity, sharpen their senses, and provide an avenue for releasing pent-up energy in the most engaging and rewarding way.

🐾 Elevate your bond with your pet to new heights as you both embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and fun. Unleash the power of the Snuffle Ball – where playtime meets enrichment, and your dog's happiness knows no bounds!

Make every moment extraordinary – choose the SnuffleMaster today and witness your dog's happiness soar to new heights.


Note: This toy is recommended for nose work games and not as a chew toy. Please supervise or remove the toy after your dog has finished playing with it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chris G.

My dog absolutely loves this toy. I give him his favorite treats and he will pull, unroll, shake and eat until it is totally empty. It is very sturdy and I am not afraid to leave him alone with this product for fear of him choking on anything. Thanks for a fun and sturdy product.

Renee H.

My dogs love their snuffle balls. Use them when we are going to be gone for awhile and it keeps them busy.


My pup loves this. Keeps him entertained for at least 30 mins. Only downfall is rolling up all the strips of fabric. It helps if you fold them in half. I use 1/3 third of his dry food with the ball.

Cindy L.

My puppy dog just loves her new toy it keeps her busy for hours I just pick one color at a time and put treats in that color only but she ends up pulling them all apart looking for a treat and with it keeping her busy I can get so much done and not have to play with her all day long

Sarah T.

My pup's tail hasn't stopped wagging since we got this snuffle ball. It's like a treasure hunt every day